Bringing a puppy home is exciting and a lot of fun. However, without some structure even the sweetest pet can soon become a problem. It is especially natural for very young dogs to want to chew on everything and, just like children, act out when they do not get their way. Fortunately, these behaviors are rarely signs of serious problems. They just mean that a pet needs dog obedience classes. Training is a small investment that results in happier dogs and owners.

Trained Dogs Are Happy Dogs

As owners go through training with their dogs they learn to communicate with them. Instructors teach pet parents how to read their pups’ signals and humane ways to continually teach them. Owners with obedient dogs are able to spend more time with them and pets are happier because they get to live bigger lives and go more places. In fact, many public places now welcome polite pets and some even encourage customers to bring them.

Training Classes Build Owner-Pet Bonds

Obedience classes also help animals and humans develop strong bonds. That is important with puppies, but essential with older dogs, and especially rescues. Training allows owners to understand their pets’ personalities and needs, which leads to confident, secure dogs. Classes show pet parents how to ensure their pups always exhibit the good manners that are critical when dogs interact with other humans and pets.

A Well Trained Dog Is Much Safer

One of the most important benefits of obedience classes is increased safety. Dogs that are taught to come when called are far less likely to be in danger. When their owners sense problems, they can just use a command and their pets will automatically come running and retreat from harm in the process. Well trained dogs are far less likely to bolt or wander away and have a good chance of being adopted if they are ever placed in shelters.

Dog training classes help pets and owners develop bonds that allow them to enjoy a variety of shared experiences. Obedient dogs are not only more welcome in homes, parks and businesses, but they are safer and less likely to get lost.