Important Practices of Talking Care of Succulents.

Drought resistant plants whose stem and leaves are adapted to storing water are referred to as succulents. Being that succulents are majorly found in arid and semi-arid areas, that one does not mean that they cannot be found in other places as well. They can be found either indoor or outdoor. Succulent plants can be taken care of in many ways lets discuss some of the measures.

It is recommended that you use a pot that has some tiny holes to allow water seep through. Succulents does not do well in a damp soil. There are some tiny holes in pot that is going to drain excess water from the soil. The succulents are used to very high temperature and little moisture. As a result ,too much water may cause the plant to rot, contract diseases or die if overwatered and you would not like your plant to die. The porous holes are also going to prevent overwatering.

Another measure is to use the appropriate soil. If you use the correct soil the plant will thrive well without many challenges. You should the soil that has good drainage that cannot hold water for long since this plants does not require a wet soil. It should have big spaces to allow water pass through it faster. Due to required moisture content for the growth of the succulents they will probably do better.

You should also supply the plants with plenty of sunlight. As this plants are use to extremely very high temperatures. Succulent plants prefer places with hot and dry climate with plenty of sunshine to do better.This makes it a daily routine to ensure that this plants enough supply of sunlight at least the whole day or half a day. During winter when there is no enough sunlight they always go dormant as a result of low sunlight supply.

Another measure is to make sure that you water them heavily. Watering heavily should not be daily but just once as they don’t require a lot of water. This will definitely kill the plant by making it rot. Insufficient water will also leave plants wanting more water you should therefore do it once but heavily .

You should also maintain warm temperatures. This category of plants require very high temperatures. So the temperature around your place should be regulated at least to match their normal temperature requirements. It is not recommended for the temperature to be too low or too high.

Outdoor succulents should be taken inside the room during winter period. The temperature of the room is always higher than the surrounding temperature during winter.
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