How to Choose a Good Moving Company

The thought of moving is stressful and so is the exercise. However when you make a good plan, the task becomes much easier to articulate. Here are some guidelines on some things you might want to consider before relocating or hiring a mover.

To start with, think about the moving scope. Ask yourself how you are going to have your packing done. Do you want the company to pack for you or do you prefer doing it yourself? In the event you prefer packing on your own, factor in the time and energy it will cost you. Local movers can be a good choice but then again if you are moving to a different state, you may want to consider a reputable national company. At the end of the day the kind of moving company you choose will depend entirely depend on the scope of your moving. It may cost more to contract a national moving company but then again they are more trustworthy and reliable.

Secondly, look around for recommendations. Check with friends and family as they give honest ones in your best interests. Over time, verbal communication in regard to the quality of a product has proven to work wonders. Again, happy customers share their experience with a good company with their friends.

Do look at the reviews and the ratings of the company. Remember to look at details of insurance and licensing. Not all states have uniform requirements. Regardless, contact the official agency so that you can know how legitimate the company is. Once you are done with this, verify the rating of the company. The company to hire should have the highest ratings and reviews. Which essentially means that this is the one that most customers are happy with.

Most moving companies provide free in-home estimates. So be sure of the things you want to move. A case in point is that of a barbeque grill to be moved or storage items in the basement. Do ask for the estimate in writing. This estimate gives you details about the charges. If you are not sure of the estimates, then ask for a copy.

Do make inquiries. Sometimes, simple questions can actually be very important. Ask them how long they have been in the industry. Do inquire if they are licensed and also if they are insured. How active is the company around the community? The contracts provided however are written in legal jargon. It is thus important to ask for clarifications on the insured value of the belongings surcharges and fees.

Doing a brief research before you move, will make things generally easier for you. You don’t want to add insult to injury by finding extra surprise charges eventually.

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