Some Important Facts About Plastic Surgery

When it comes to plastic surgery, its very long history traces back during the ancient times. During the 8th century BC, it was found out that medical practitioners and doctors in India reconstructed human skin spots by making use of skin grafts.

Susrutha, an ancient Indian surgeon, was the first to have done a nose reconstruction that was recorded. His technique include getting a part of the skin that is found in the person’s forehead. Nonetheless, such an act during that time was not yet allowed as well as other forms of nose amputations that was punishable according to ancient laws in India.

After several millennia later, it was the Romans that were again doing plastic surgery techniques with the likes of repairing ears that are damaged. It was also found out in Europe that Dr Heinrich von Pfolspeundt was doing plastic surgery methods that are simple and make use of the skin of the back of the arms to be sutured.
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Nonetheless, plastic surgery only became a trend and have gained a lot of advances during the years of the 19th and 20th centuries. One of the reasons for which would that a lot of people think that plastic surgeries pose a lot of danger.
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Dr John Peter Mettauer, in the United States, was the very first American to perform a plastic surgery. It was found out in the year 1827 that he was the first plastic surgeon to have performed an operation that involves cleft palate. It was him who was responsible in designing his own operation materials and instruments.

Sir Harold Gillies is the person that is considered as the father of modern plastic surgery. He is responsible when it comes to the multitude of techniques that revolve around modern plastic surgery. The patients of Sir Gillies during his time were those patients with facial injuries during the first World War.

What does plastic surgery mean?

Plastic surgery is the general term used for those operations or treatments done with instruments or manually for the purpose or reason that is either functional or an aesthetic one.

The Greek word ‘plastikos’ is where the term ‘plastic’ in plastic surgery comes from which means to mold or to shape.

Until today, there are two major plastic surgery areas or fields existing. The following are what they are called:

– The first area is called reconstructive plastic surgery. This particular kind of plastic surgery deals with undoing or masking destructions found on certain parts of the body with the likes of the face. Any skin grafting method will have to be part of this type of plastic surgery may they be local, distant, or regional flaps.

– Cosmetic or aesthetic surgery is the second type of plastic surgery that is very popular in this day. It is this type of plastic surgery where certain parts of the body or face are modified or fixed so that the person will feel all the more flattered. Breast implantation or reduction is one example of this type of plastic surgery.