Football Betting Strategies For Guaranteed Wins When the weekend sets in, millions of football lovers all across the globe place bets on their favorite teams. At the end of the matches, some people end up with a profit on their bets while others lose. You can win big by betting on football matches. Winning is all a matter of strategy. That is why some people make a full time income from betting on football matches. However, you do not need to be an expert in analyzing football matches to win big. You also don’t have to know how to play the sport. You only have to predict the winner of a match, which you can know by analyzing the strengths of the teams playing. The prediction should not be done randomly through the toss of a coin. You have to research on the teams playing against each other to know their strengths. Here are some tips you can follow if you want to win big in football bets. Bet On One Strong Team When the season is starting, there are particular football teams that are known to be favorites to finish strong. The past performances of the teams can help you know what to expect of their future performance. You are likely to win big when you place your bets on such teams. What you need to do is to find one or two teams that are likely to finish in the top five positions at the end of the football season. These are the teams you should be placing your bets on.
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You can know how various teams have been performing by checking the past league results. Some websites have records of league standings for over the past decades. If a team has been performing well in the recent years, it is likely to continue doing so. You should put your money on such teams.
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For a start, you should be betting on one strong team. This is because this strategy will require you to have quite a tidy sum of money. If you have the money, nothing should stop you from betting on multiple strong teams. When you begin your bet, place a small amount for the team you have chosen. When you win, place the same amount for the next game the team will be playing. You should stick to the same amount whenever the team is playing, until it draws or loses. You will have lose the bet when the team you are routing for draws or loses. What you should do next is double the bet amount you lost for the next match. For example, if you had put $5 for a match and you lost, place $10 for the next match.