2 Things That Qualify as a Personal Injury Complaint It happens that sometimes a person inflicts injury on another person and the person who inflicts the injury is legally answerable for the injury. If it happens that the injured person seeks a legal remedy against the person who caused the injury then he will have to file a case against that person. This type of case is a civil lawsuit, which is not the same as a criminal case, where it is the government who prosecutes the person who has violated the law. This type of case is covered by what is commonly referred to as personal injury law. You need to be knowledgeable about this if you are thinking of filing a complaint against someone who has injured you. How does personal injury law apply to your case? You need to understand the two basic concepts behind personal injury that the law appreciates.
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There must be an injury, that is the first basic concept. An injury is harm done to your person, not to your property. If harm was done to your property, that would be another type of lawsuit where you can also get paid for damages. So any damage your property or possession suffers is not considered a personal injury.
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Car accidents, slip and falls accidents are covered by personal injury law that if you suffer from these things, you might have a good case of personal injury. But if there is no injury, there is no case. And it is not a criminal case, only a civil case. The person who inflicted the injury will not go to jail if the case goes to trial and he loses. The second basic concept is that of negligence on the part of the person that caused the injury. In other words, if the other person could have prevented the injury from happening to you, but did not act upon it, then he is equally guilty of causing the injury, by not preventing it. But your injury has to be proven to be the direct result of the other person’s negligence. But it is crucial to file your case within the period prescribed by the statute of limitations for injuries of the type you suffered. Don’t go chasing after a victory in court because often times personal injury case is settled out of court. If you have a seasoned lawyer, once the other party offers to settle out of court offering a cash amount for your to drop the case, he will be agreeable to it. When this happens, there will be no trial, and the case doesn’t need to go to court. But on any given day, if your lawyers cannot agree on a settlement because a lot is at stake for either party, then the court will decide your case.