Reasons To Invest In The Tourism Sector.

Tourism is an industry with significant economic impact. To achieve maximum economic and socio-cultural development, tourism sector should be given attention to other sectors of the government.

The main impact of tourism to the local community is the creation of investment opportunities. In order for the tourist to make the decision to visit a particular place, their accommodation is one of the aspects that they take into consideration, and this means that the hotels should be available in the regions to be visited. Tourism growth changes proportionately with the growth of the hotel industries; this means that rise in number of tourists creates more need for accommodation which in turn leads to the growth of hotels.

Hotel do not operate on their own, they require personnel, and this means that they will have to hire the locals to help in the provision of services required in the hotels effectively and efficiently. Through foreign exchange by the by the tourists and taxation of the tourism industry, the government will be able to generate its revenue.
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The revenue generated can be used as investment to other areas of the government that requires financing. Foreign tourists uses flights as their primary means of transport, and this means growth in the air transport sector while the local tourists mainly uses road as their means of transport creating the need for improvement of the road networks and conditions. Therefore, when the tourists moves around the country, the transport sector is also boosted.
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The host region also finds an opportunity to sell its products and services to the tourist, therefore, leading to increased demands and opening of new markets.

Tourism also serves as a social development tool. Tourism results to socialization of people with different socio-cultural practices. Interaction of people from various cultural diversities lead to exchange of ideas and better understanding which creates a peaceful co-existence.

Having a better understanding of each other will, in turn, lead to good relationships and peace. When different people come together it leads to exchange of cultural practices. It results to societal progress as tourists can learn how to respect and tolerate the cultural practices of the host community.

In most developing countries the main source of tourist attraction is the natural resources and the wildlife, this leads to investment in environmental conservation and wildlife conservation.

Absence of the natural resources will mean that there will be no more tourist and therefore they should be preserved. Tourism leads to cultural heritage through explaining the history, art, and culture. Cultural heritage is also enhanced in communities where the source of tourism attraction is their traditional dances and practices.

In essence, it is true to say that tourism has significant impact majorly on the economy of the country and also the socio-cultural understanding. The main way to promote tourism is by creating a healthy tourism environment by ensuring political stability and enhancing security.