Important Facts About The Whizzinator Amazing and fascinating devices have hit the market in modern times offering varying range of services such as the whizzinator. It is simply a fake male organ with ability to produce fake piss when required. It is becoming a popular gadget among athletes who wish to pass regular drugs tests they are normally subjected to before and after taking part in any competition. In some circles it is used as wet sex stimulator while others use if as a funny gag. The whizzinator is bought as a kit with various components included. The package contains the male organ that is used to release the urine, synthetic urine and a strap. Basically it is the male organ that is of much importance as it is used as a normal human male organ to release urine or other desired function. The synthetic urine is a chemical composition provided in powder form and is responsible for production of an exact sample of the urine. Also contained in the package is a strap that comes in handy to hold the male organ in place when the production of urine is in progress. Owing to the growing popularity of the device, the whizzinator is now facing stiff regulations in some states across the globe. This is a measure designed to ensure there is limited misuse of the device to cheat the systems as well as limit its usage for pornographic activities.
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Like any other popular product, the market is flooding with numerous fake whizzinator products brought in to cater for the growing demand. It is of much importance for the buyer to ensure they source fro genuine products from reliable dealers or manufacturers. Important factors to consider in ascertaining genuine kits is the synthetic urine and testing if it fully matches that of normal humans.
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The whizzinator is not a single sex device. Whether seeking for a male or female whizzinator, there is a reliable choice available for purchase. Abiding by the regulations in place concerning purchase and usage of the whizzinator is important for the client before making the acquisition. Owing to the fact that the synthetic urine is a consumable, the client also needs to consider identification of a reliable source to find it when need arises. Usage of the whizzinator varies widely between the buyers. Manufacturers highly recommend avoidance in using the device for activities that may bleach the law. Attaining the age of majority is another major consideration that manufacturers highly recommend. When used according to the prescribed standards, it is a safe device that greatly reduces the risks among others transmission of diseases and infection that are passed on through urine.