When planning the designs and décor of their home interiors, most people look at the big pictures of the finish products. However, the small details are what tie the perfect interior designs together—and here’s why.

Interior Design is the Culmination of Your Favorites

Interior designs, as a whole, are collaborative culminations of all of your favorite things. Take the bedroom for example. You love huge, cozy beds, giant, plump pillows, warm, thick blankets, and a soothing shade of blue for the walls. But, of course, you would get the blankets and sheets to match that blue, while your walls would be adorned with paintings or photographs that mean the world to you. These are the small details that would make your bedroom one of your favorite places to be.

Décor and Colors Express Your Personality

Interior design is a method of expression. The colors you choose and the décor that elates your senses are the kinds of design details that are both expressive and satisfying. In most cases, if you have friends and loved ones over for a visit, you want them to be able to walk into a room and see your unique personality in its small design details. You could even gather free estimates from general contractors towards an added, all-you room in your home.

Simplistic, Meaningful Accessories Are Always Better

It’s too easy to collect meaningless things, like trinkets that you thought were cute but hold no value in your life. These types of things are clutter and dust collectors, so strive for simple, meaningful accessories that better your interior décor. You want small details that make sense. A wall dedicated to photographs of your family and friends, for instance, would make a meaningful and beautiful small addition to your interior design.

Small Details Create a Bigger, Tied-Together Picture

If you paint four walls, throw in a couch, and call it a living room, then yes, it would be your living room. But it would lack personality and depth. The small details, like colors and the expression of your personality, can make a room inviting and homey. The small details tie together the bigger design picture, allowing you to cozy up any room in your home with things you love.

Think of this article as the push you need to make your home a nicer, more expressive place for you to rest your weary bones. Just imagine it this way—cozy interior design with loveable small details is one reason you can look forward to relaxing in your favorite room after a long day at the office.